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Payment Help

How can I pay ?

With any payment method except credit cards you will receive an offer email with detailed payment instructions for all methods available for your country.

  • Credit Cards
    We accept VISA, MasterCard, Amex and JCB
  • Local deposit into our international bank accounts:

  • There will be a payment link in our offer email.
  • International Postal Money Order (IPMO):
    Must be in Euro. IPMOs are available only in certain countries, for example: Japan, Scandinavia, Benelux, Italy, Spain etc. They are not available from the US, Canada, UK, Australia etc.
  • Cash
    We accept any Currency, bills only.
  • Transfer into our german bank account
    Please make sure you pay all costs involved with any international transfer.
  • Money order, personal check drawn on US or UK bank.
  • Lastschrift / Nachnahme
    Germany only.
Is my payment secure ? (back to top)
If you are ordering through our online store, you card details are safe.
If you plan to send us your card number by email, we see no reason why you shouldn't do so. We processed over 50000 non-encrypted credit card orders without one single report of abuse.

What currency are your prices in ? (back to top)
Our catalog is based on Euro.
Your actual order will be converted to your country's currency for your convenience.
Your credit card will be charged in Euro, which will be converted to your credit card account currency.
You will have to expect some little discrepancies between the billed amount and the amount actually charged to your credit card. Those variations are caused be the fluctuation of exchange rate chages and might as well be in your favour. Thank you for accepting this.


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